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The Académie Sainte-Cécile, which appointed Rued Langgard Honorary Professor in 1951, was a private school of music, though no longer functioning as such. The institution had ambitions, but cannot be compared to an Academy of Music. The Danish Consul in Montreux, Victor Holbek, an acquaintance of Langgaard, had arranged for this title to be bestowed on him. It is, however, doubtful whether the Académie even had the right to bestow such an honorary title, quite apart from the fact that in that part of the world the title of 'professeur' simply means 'teacher'. Langgaard, however, was of the impression that a great honour had been conferred on him - finally, someone had rewarded him according to his due.

Langgaard, therefore, used the title as often as possible, and his wife (later as his widow) was not averse to calling herself 'Madame Professor'. It is tragi-comical that this very dubious title also came to adorn the headstone of an artist who fought for recognition all his life.