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Rued Langgaard's funeral in Ribe Cathedral was a major event, and several of his liturgical compositions were performed. Among his effects, however, there are some notes that indicate that he did not desire such attention, such as the following note from 1946:

He wrote as follows: "...Just put me in the ground... No visible gravestone, only a spiritual one, that is my score: Evighedskrig (Eternal War)[Symphony No. 11]... The title will be... "Evighedskrig. Min Grav." (Eternal War. My Grave.).

Many years later in an interview Constance Langgaard replied as follows to the question as to whether her husband had died a bitter man:
"He was not bitter, but he was very sad... Rued was a fiery soul, honest to the core, and therefore often in conflict and opposition. No, he was not a bitter man...but he was aggrieved. Han grieved himself to death."