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Rued Langgaard became aware early on that he also had a special talent for drawing and painting. In Arild in the summer of 1901, the Langgaard family met the painter, Thorvald Niss (1842-1905), who was amazed at 8-year-old Rued's talent for drawing. Niss said: "This is enough to make a cat laugh, lad! No, I mean this very seriously. Either he will become a really great name, or..."
(From an entry in Emma Langgaard's diary).

Somewhere around 1907-08, Langgaard put pencil and colours aside and dedicated himself to composing.

Examples of Langgaard's drawings and paintings from Arild 1906:

From a sketchbook at The Royal Library

Oil painting (privately owned)

A selection of pictures from Langgaard's sketchbooks (either at The Royal Library, or privately owned):