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Rued Langgaard at the organ in the Helligåndskirken, Copenhagen,
October 1906.

An eye-witness account of Rued Langgaard's first public performance as an improviser on the organ, April 1905:

"Down in the massive nave of the church all eyes are directed at the boy. What a wonderful sight to see him sitting there in front of the towering instrument in that spacious place. His hands are very small and he has to stand up from the bench in order to reach the stops, but in his fragile, childish hands Rud Langgaard possesses the strength of a man, and in his attack all the energy of a man. He pours massive waves of sound out into the church, and one asks in amazement how it can be that this eleven-year-old child already possesses such a highly-developed technique, and such an instinctive ear for music."

(From Gerhardt Lynge: Danske Komponister i det 20. Aarhundredes Begyndelse (Danish Composers at the Beginning of the 20th Century). Århus, 1917).