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Constance Tetens


Valborg Constance Olivia Tetens was born on 3 December 1891 in Copenhagen. She lived in Øhlenschlægersgade in Vesterbro with her family (her fatheer was a postman), until on 1 April 1922 she was "accepted" into the home of Emma and Rued Langgaard.

This move was partly the result of Emma Langgaard's social involvement, and partly a practical arrangement, as Constance was to help with the housekeeping. The Langgaard family knew Constance from the YMCA, where she worked with children.

Constance and Rued Langgaard shortly after their wedding. Outwardly, they appeared to be an ordinary married couple, but in practice Constance was more like a sort of housekeeper.

Constance Tetens photographed in February 1927, the month she married Rued Langgaard.

Constance was attracted by Rued, but he was more taken up by someone else, and felt Constance's presence to be an interference. Even so, they ended up getting married in Holmens Church in February 1927, a few months after the death of Rued Langgaard's mother. He was 33, she 35. The marriage was childless, and should really be described as a "marriage of convenience" - in the last analysis the couple, who had lived under the same roof for five years, were best off sticking together. Moreover, Constance have promised Emma to look after Rued.

Their wedding was a very drab affair. No guests were invited, and it is reported that Rued - as a form of childish protest? - left the church before the end of the ceremony.

Constance Langgaard lived until 1969, and just managed to experience the dawning of interest in her husband's music.