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The Boring Music Society

Programme for "The Boring Music Society's" first concert in November 1927. As may be seen, the name was quickly changed to the more boring title of "The Classical Music Society".

The Boring Music Society was founded on Langgaard's initiative to form a bulwark against the increasing popularity of jazz and music for entertainment, a sign of the times that Langgaard sought to combat with idealistic fervour. He illustrated it with an anecdote about a man who said to his wife: "The Eroica Symphony has bored you, my dear, but the jazz will soon brighten you up!"

The Society was meant to be an exclusive gathering of "the boring people", who wanted to acquaint themselves with Romantic and Late Romantic music. Three concerts were held in 1927/28, in which Langgaard presented works by Beethoven, Schumann, Wagner, Liszt, Max Bruch and Bruckner - as well as his own 1st Symphony. After this the Society folded up, and Langgaard was left with debts he had difficulty in paying.