Langgaard's Scandinavia

Tyringe (Scania)

After the death of Rued Langgaard's father in 1914, Rued Langgaard and his mother sought other places to spend their summer holidays in Sweden than those which the family had frequented. In the summer of 1914 they went to Södervik in Värmland, and in March 1915 they went for the first time to Tyringe in Scania, where at that time there was a renowned sanatorium and spa. Here Langgaard composed the original version of the work, Angelus, for soloists, choir and orchestra.

In the summer of 1915, Langgaard and his mother spent a further 2 months in Tyringe. During their stay there he composed his first violin sonata, a septet for wind instruments, and a piano work which later formed part of Symphony No. 3.
Emma and Rued Langgaard were at the sanatorium in Tyringe again in 1916, this time for 3 months. Here Langgaard finished his Symphony No. 4, which had been outlined in March of that same year in Copenhagen.

Today, the former sanatorium and spa at Tyringe has been modernised. (Photo 1983).