Langgaard's Scandinavia

The following symbols are used on the Rued Langgaard map of Scandinavia
Summer vacation Concert

Langgaard's connection to Sweden comprises the following places:
  • Kullen and Helsingborg (Scania), to which he had a special relationship all his life.
  • Kyrkhult (Blekinge), where he spent four summers between 1909 and 1913.
  • Sundhultsbrunn (Småland), a health resort which he visited with his parents for two months in the summer of 1911.
  • Södervik (Värmland), which Langgaard and his mother visited in the summer of 1914 (two months).
  • Tyringe (Scania), where he stayed for longer periods in 1915 and 1916.
  • Stockholm, which Langgaard visited in connection with the following concerts:
    • 13.11.1910. Presentation concert before an invited audience.
    • 13.1.1916. Sfinx was performed for the Concert Association (Langgaard conducted the work).
    • 17.1.1916. Presentation concert with chamber music and lieder.
    • 20.1.1924. The Concert Association put on a Danish concert, including Langgaard's Sinfonia internal for soprano and orchestra. Carl Nielsen's 5th Symphony was performed for the first time in Sweden on this occasion, and was given a tumultuous reception by the audience.
  • In addition, the Orchestra Association of Gothenburg performed Sfinx on 12.4.1916, but Langgaard was not present.

Neither Norway nor Finland were visited by Langgaard, and works by the composer were only performed on two occasions in these two countries during his lifetime:

  • Oslo, 28.2.1916, performance of Fjeldblomster (Mountain Flowers) (from Symphony No. 1) for the Music Association, with Max Fiedler conducting.
  • Helsinki, 27.9.1934, String Quartet No. 3 was performed in the University Aula during the Nordic Music Festival.