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In order not to lose his self-confidence completely, Langgaard was forced to convince himself that he was worthy of a better fate. Perhaps it was notes such as the following that stopped him from completely going to the dogs in the 1930's:


The text reads: "
I am number one in this country as regards music. I ought to be the one to revive the Music Society with myself as the conductor. I ought to be the artistic director of the Academy of Music. I ought to the organist at Holmens or Frue Kirke. That's a fact..."

In another note Langgaard explains the background for such self-assertive remarks: "... How on earth should I be able to find satisfaction in being myself, when always and at all times conditions have conspired against this self. Of course, I would have lost faith in myself. No, I will and must constantly convince myself that I am much more than myself, though that does not interest me in the slightest! And I must do this even though it does not bring me success as a artist."

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