Samples of spoken memories


The following samples of spoken memories (all in Danish) are in wav format, mono and with a sampling rate of 11025 Hz, 16- bit.


Tove Bjerg Nielsen:

Tove Agnete Bjerg-Nielsen, née Hansen, b. 8.12.1924 in Copenhagen. She attended Ribe College of Education from 1945 to 1949, and was a teacher in Esbjerg from 1945 to 1985. Lived in Ribe until 1954, when she moved to Bramming. (The photos are from the summer of 1946 and 5/9 1996, respectively.)


Tove Bjerg-Nielsen is one of the few people who have seen Langgaard smile...

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Tove Bjerg-Nielsen's account of how she swapped apartments with Langgaard, who moved to Quedens Gård.

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Langgaard as a difficult and unapproachable, but also charming, person...

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When Langgaard was not allowed to choose the tune, he could at least choose the tempo...

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Tage Nielsen:

Tage Nielsen (1929-2003), composer, MA, born in Copenhagen, but lived as a child and an young man i Ribe, where he and his father assisted in the cathedral choir. Later Tage Nielsen was appointed head of The Royal Academy of Music in Aarhus and Director of the Danish Academy in Rome. (Photos from about 1947 and 1990 respectively).


Rued Langgaard's phenomenal ability to play from a score - Liszt's Dante symphony prima vista!

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Langgaard's legendary memory. He once played Schumannn's g-minor sonata from memory, explaining that his mother often played it when he was a child!

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Langgaard once played a long excerpt from a major choral work by Niels W. Gade. Unfortunately, he said, he could not remember the text, as it was 40 years since he had last seen the score!

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Langgaard's view of Carl Nielsen

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Did Langgaard know all his works off by heart?

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Langgaard's stature as a musician, and about how he had learned orchestration parts

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Thomas Alvad:

For many years music teacher Ribe College of Education.


Langgaard's dramatic attempt to stop a concert in Ribe Cathedral with the organist, Finn Viderø.

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Langgaard's reaktion to a concert in Ribe, at which the Århus City Orchestra played an excerpt from his 9th Symphony.

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The way people in Ribe saw Langgaard

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