The ideas behind the music

Severin Christensen

In 1903, Severin Christensen published a selection of Nietzsche's works in Danish, and he also translated John Ruskin.

Severin Christensen (1867-1933) was a doctor and philosopher and belonged to the Langgaard family's circle of friends. He was present in Berlin in 1913, when Rued Langgaard had his First Symphony performed for the first time by the Berlin Philharmonic, and in 1918 he wrote an article about Langgaard's symphonies.

As a philosopher he went in for a social morality based on the strictest justice. All individuals have equal rights to nature, and the ownership of nature, that is, the earth and the sea, is held in common. The activities of the state shall be restricted to a minimum to give people the greatest possible degree of freedom.
This idea formed an important conceptual basis for the formation in 1922 of the party entitled "The Danish Single-Tax Party".
There is no doubt that Langgaard sympathised with Severin Christensen's ideas, at least for a time, but he never belonged to the party. Langgaard was too aristocratic and too much of an individualist to belong to any organised political party or movement.