Langgaard's Europe

In October 1920, Langgaard travelled to Hamburg, Amsterdam, Cologne and Bonn.

On his study trip, January-March 1921, Langgaard visited Karlsruhe, Heidelberg, Luzern, Genoa (Nervi), Rome, Florence, Venice, Bozen (Tyrol), Munich, Nuremberg, Bayreuth and Weimar.


Up to 1923, Langgaard visited Germany 13-14 times in connection with study trips and concerts. He visited the following towns:

  • Berlin, 1908-13 and again in 1920 and 1922.
  • Karlsruhe, 1921 and 1923.
  • Heidelberg, where on 24.1.1921 he conducted his Symphony No. 4.
  • Essen, where on 26.10.1921 he attended a peformance of his Symphony No. 2.
  • Darmstadt, where on 2.12.1921 he conducted his Symphony No. 4.

In 1922 Langgaard also travelled to Vienna, where on 20.5 the Vienna Symphony Orchestra performed both his Symfonisk Festspil (Symphonic Festival Play) and Symphony No. 2 (under the direction of Hans Seeber van der Floe).

In the composer's lifetime, there were also performances of his works, though Langgaard was not present, in the following European cities:

  • Bückeburg (Germany), 20.6.1923, where his Fantasia patetica was performed in the Stadtkirche
  • Paris (France), 23.11.1923, where his 2nd Violin Sonata was performed as part of an official Danish programme. The Danish delegation of composers and musicians was led by Carl Nielsen.
  • Stuttgart (Germany), where on 3.4.1925 Süddeutscher Rundfunk performed his Symphony No. 2.
  • Plzeñ (Czechoslovakia), where on 10.3.1926 a local musician - as part of a Danish-Czech exchange programme - performed a Piano Sonata in A major by Langgaard (a forerunner of Sonata No. 1)

Finally, a performance of Sfinx is reported to have taken place in Bochum (Germany) in 1921.